2011 Photojournalism images of the year.

There is an ongoing debate on whether photographers should show “personal” work on their professional sites.  But I consider everything personal work.  I rarely, if ever, am found taking an image out of complete obligation and not out of passion.  Sure, I make my ‘living’ shooting wedding images.  But I actually spend more time shooting personal work than shooting weddings.  That is because I love to travel, I love to adventure and I love the outdoors.

Every chance I get, I am doing one or all of said things.  And most of the images in this post were actually shot while on a trip shooting a wedding.  So to me, it is all considered the same.  Paid work and personal work.  I love it all.  That is why I make images for a living.

When they say a picture tells a thousand words, they are lying.  I used to think ‘they were right.  I now think they tell ten-thousand words.  I could sit down for an hour and tell you about each and every one of these images.  The more I shoot, the more I become connected to each image.  The image says something about me.  About my heart; perspective.

Some of these images were taken out a car window while I was driving.  Others, I sat on a bluff and waited 4 hours for the perfect sunset in the Badlands.  Probably 20 or so were taken thru a dirty bus window in Central America.  A good handful were shot with a 30 year old film camera.  And a good majority of the rest were shot from the hip, not ever really looking thru the viewfinder or framing the shot.  I simply wanted to capture the emotion and feel of the moment.  This post is simply a melting pot of hundredsof experiences and the purpose of sharing these is to allow others to join in on the adventure, even though, for me they have come and gone.

Shots taken in: Haiti, Palm Springs, Mt. Rainier, Nicauragu, Mexico, Mt. Rushmore, Dallas, San Francisco, Costa Rica, Seattle, Guatemala, El Salvador, Portland, Idaho, Badlands, Quest Field, Westport, San Juans, LA, Redwoods, Chelan, Crater Lake, Honduras and a few others.*The single image of myself below was taken by Roman Bozhko.











  1. Mike F wrote:

    Jeff these are so tight! I looked at everyone and was amazed!

  2. Britt wrote:

    Jeff, these are phenomenal. wow.

  3. mitch wrote:

    you are quickly becoming one of my favorites! paramount as usual!

  4. Denise H wrote:

    What an extraordinary record of your very full journey through 2011! Awesome!

  5. dorothy wrote:

    so inspiring. these are killer jeff!

  6. Jonas Seaman wrote:

    Wow. I’m so glad you do what you do.

  7. These are very creative, Jeff. Great photos!

  8. Steph Mason wrote:

    These were consistently inspiring! Thank you for sharing 🙂