2012 Reflected

Went a lot of places.  Took a lot of pictures.  Met a lot of people.  Thankful for every opportunity.

Photos taken in:  Rome, D.C., Aspen, Venice, Palm Springs, San Francisco, San Juan Islands, Florence, Seattle, Portland, Mt. Rainier, Cinque Terra, Mexico, Huntington Beach, New York City, Chicago, Yosemite, Virginia, San Diego, Joshua Tree



  1. All good stuff here, Jeff!

  2. Shawn Manley wrote:

    I’m writing my year-end blog too, but now you make me wish it was just a bunch of sweet pictures, ’cause your’s is TOTALLY AWESOME.

  3. so good, jeff. really, super impressive!

  4. Ryan wrote:

    Nailed it! Go Cougs!

  5. Mindy B. wrote:

    Just like 2011, this is one of my top year end post! You never fail to blow me away with your work. Now I expect you 2013 post to be filled with lots of Marshmellow photos 🙂

  6. ryan flynn wrote:

    what a year! so well done, dude.

  7. Brian Furbush wrote:

    These are fantastic man, looking forward to what 2013 brings.

  8. dorothy wrote:

    those italy ones. KILL ME. so prime jeff. love that frame of the couple holding the boat above their heads 🙂

  9. brian rickey wrote:

    Dude, try to leave some awesomeness for the rest of us. But yea, you killed it this year for sure.

  10. You are going places with this talent, Jeff. Amazing work.

  11. Chris wrote:

    Wow. You sir, are the man.

  12. David wrote:

    Brother, gorgeous gorgeous images. what a year it’s been for you!!

  13. Airika Pope wrote:

    Awesome set of images! I love the variety, and all the real moments that you’ve captured. My fav is #1 though – that image needs to be published if it hasn’t already been!

  14. Luke Hayden wrote:

    Such a great collection of photos.

  15. Duane Smith wrote:

    I dunno why i even pick up my camera.These are just sooo rad!!!