When I was a kid, my grandfather and I used to spend rainy summer days down at the Museum of Flight near Boeing Field in Seattle. He was a Boeing mechanic for 35+ years, so this place was home to him. And of course I loved getting to sit in the cockpit and pretend to be a fighter pilot shooting down the enemy’s planes. So as my grandfather nears the end of his time here on earth, I figured I owed it to him to take him to the Museum of Flight one last time. He isn’t much for walking anymore so my mom strolled him around in his ‘scooter’ while I captured some footage.

We also sat him down to hear him tell his own life story. Now, if you know my grandpa, you know he likes to tell elongated stories. It probably is his Kansas roots, but he wasn’t always the quickest talker. So we had to write it out for him so we had time left in the day to make it to the Museum.

Last Saturday was his actual 90th birthday, and we packed out my sister’s North Tacoma house with friends a family from near and afar. And I would have to say this is the most emotional I have gotten with any of my projects I have done. Not because of the quality of the video or anything like that, but watching it with him and his family… that truly was a special experience.

I hope you enjoy getting a peak into my grandfather’s life.

Today I Turn 90 from Jeff Marsh on Vimeo.


  1. Jonas Seaman wrote:

    That was really sweet Jeff. Moving.

  2. rachel wrote:

    Love this…I could talk to my grandparents for hours..i love them so much..they have so much to tell…. great work.