Well, the time has come.  The time for me to leave everything behind that is comfortable and good and easy.  It’s time to leave my selfish ways behind and give myself to others.

This is a 10 min video of what I am anticipating in the coming 8 days.  Nothing creative. Simply my heart. I ask you to join me in prayer for those people that I will meet and serve.  My goal is simply to serve them, and tell their story well enough to move others to action.

I will be gone from May 9 – May 30.  I will have periodic email access, but will not have access to voicemail.  I promise to return any correspondence with 24 hours.

God Bless.

– Jeff

City With No Walls – Haiti 2011 from Jeff Marsh on Vimeo.

*Graphics: Brad Castaneda


Hey everyone!

I want to apologize for the lack of updates sincere have arrived. The wireless here is very slow and sometimes non-existent so uploading photos and videos has been impossible. I will resort to writing for now.

I am writing this from my iPhone so please excuse the randomness, grammar and such…

Today we have been doing various construction projects at the church and the dorms. Yesterday one group went to tent city and put up a tent for a family. It was really powerful as the mother and her 3 children helped them build what would be their house. The rest of us went to an all girls orphanage and handed out towels, crayons, candy and toys. All the girls are 5-18yo and currently life in Costco and rei tents. The older girls are basically the mothers of the younger ones. We had a blast taking pictures and playing with them. We could have spent the entire day there. Driving thru the city to get there was pretty sketch. Lots of traffic so we were kind of sitting ducks with thousands of people on the streets. It got a little hairy but God provided the protection we needed.

The day before we did some small work projects, and took a tour of tent city. That place is truly hell on earth. They drink water from the ditch that is green water full of tires and water bottles. And the conditions are worse than imaginable. My group will be heading there tomorrow to put up a tent and take photos of the families there.

The president is getting inaugurated on Saturday so there is a lot of energy and security and commotion around town. We have the opportunity to go to a worship event Friday night with a thousand worship leaders from around Haiti, as well as the Haitian president who is trying to promote Christianity in the country. Should be a great experience for the group.

The country truly shows that it is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. But life goes on. Everyone works and tries simply to survive every day. The streets are packed with vendors and cars and bikes and buses. Every eighth of a second you hear a horn blasting. The smells are both delicious and foul. The tent cities go as far as the eye can see and house tens of thousands of people just in this area alone. What is awesome is how cheap and easy it is to help these people. Some plywood and bricks are putting roofs and walls over families. Packets of rice and vegetable seeds are feeding whole communities. Fresh well water and gardens created by the church are keeping people healthy. Every day the children walk hundreds of yards or even a few miles to draw fresh water from the church.

We are excited to see what will happening the next few days. We are fairly restricted to what we can do because of security concerns here. No one’s allowed to be or go anywhere without one of the mission leaders or a local Haitian translator. So our days are fairly short. Also because the sun sets at 6pm here.

The interns are having such a great time. Spirits are very high and there is lots of laughter and smiles. The young children here are melting their hearts every minutes. Everyone is healthy, the food is great, the works are a blessing to us all. Mosquito bites are building and it takes 3 large fans just to keep the guys cool enough to contemplate sleeping… All part of the experience and everyone simply carries on with a smile. I am really proud of our group.

I apologize for not updating more but more will be posted this evening at City with no Walls.



  1. jonas seaman wrote:

    What an amazing opportunity Jeff. Many blessings to you and those who you encounter and serve.

  2. Andria Lindquist wrote:

    so proud of you in taking this step and for sharing your heart. loved seeing the video in place of text. 🙂 will be praying for you buddy and I am so confident this will be life changing for you and others.

  3. Tomieka Gaytan wrote:

    I am very proud and blessed to be involved with such a compassionate church. May God bless you, all others on the mission trio, and the ones that are being helped by each and everyone of you.