Andrew + Jill. A beautiful summer in Seattle.

I had a total blast shooting this wedding. I got to work with the famous Ryan Flynn, and I have known the bride since we were co-captains of our high school track team. Win win.

ALL BW shots are Kodak Tri-X 400.


  1. jenny l. wrote:

    These are quite lovely, and those desserts look amazeballs. I particularly love the photo of the grandparents on Skype. Well done, JM & RF.

  2. Joe O'Daniels wrote:

    Always amazed man. Incredible set.

  3. dorothy wrote:

    gorgeous work kind sir!

  4. Selena wrote:

    A whole ‘nother level – Jeffahfah — INCREDIBLE work!!! WOW!!!

  5. Mark Calvin wrote:

    “Andrew+ Jill a beautiful summer in Seattle” is really lovely blog.I just want to say it’s awesome photography ever. Andrew and Jill you guys are so cute. I think you are happiest couple in the world.

  6. nirav wrote:

    Awesome dude. You and Ryan…killer team!

  7. Igor Demba wrote:

    Incredible day Master Marsh!

  8. aga wrote:

    Awesome! great story telling.

  9. b wrote:

    Just beautiful man. Great work. You killed it!

  10. Daniel Cruz wrote:

    Beautiful photography as always Jeff. That green house location was stunning!

  11. You captured a lot of great moments. 😉