Beautiful Faces of Nuevos Palestina

My father-in-law sponsors a village in a very remote valley in Chiapas, the poorest state in Mexico.  These are the children of his village.


  1. J Shoda wrote:

    What beautiful kids, great job capturing them man.

  2. benj haisch wrote:

    woahs. go apply at world vision right now.

  3. Nirav wrote:

    This just put the biggest smile on my face man.

  4. Randy J wrote:

    Awesome pictures Jeff! I can hardly wait to see the video1

    When is Ryan coming to town?


  5. cody wrote:

    so gorgeous i could look at them all day 😉

  6. Momma wrote:

    You could make a book of many faces of that village, and sell the book to help sponser a child or school 😉

  7. julie harmsen wrote:

    really beautiful jeff. so much joy.

  8. katrina wrote:

    they are so beautiful