Best of 2011 Wedding Photos

If you would have told me that my third full-time year was going to be this much fun/ awesome/ challenging/ radical, I probably would have given you a full-on wedgie.  There is no way I could have imagined ever having a year like this.  And I am so truly grateful.  I have gotten to be a part of some really incredible weddings, memories, stories…

– The father of the groom slash best-man shedding tears while blessing his son during his toast

– The groomsman that passed out TWICE during the ceremony

– The bride driving her groom around on a boat in the San Juan Islands while the groom planks the steering wheel

– The groomsmen who split their heads open while shredding the dance-floor

– The groom screaming like a little girl after kissing his bride for the first time

– The bride and groom that turned their European destination wedding into a BIG Pike’s Place surprise wedding for their friends and family

– The Molly Moon ice cream truck

– All the trespassing that happened

– The groom kicking a 40 yard field at Cowboys stadium

– The photo-booth turned epic-night-time-light-saber-battle-between-M.O.B.-and-best-man

– The groom with the 12 inch Rambo machete knife

– Groomsmen arriving to the ceremony via my father-in-law’s boat

– The groom with a loaded 9mm

– The Texas Longhorn bulls that paid a visit to the Arlington, TX wedding

– Waking up on a boat, grabbing my camera, and shooting a wedding

– Groomsmen in kilts flashing the bridesmaids


I give all the credit and glory to God because without Him, there would be no purpose.  But there IS so much purpose.

I am thankful for my wife who trusts me to have loads of fun, take rad photos and provide for our family all at the same time.

I want to thank Ryan Flynn, Jonas Seaman Nichole Gibbons and Kristen Marie for giving me the chance to help them shoot some wicked awesome weddings.

And finally, I want to thank EACH and EVERY one of my clients who trusted me to capture their special moments in a personal, truthful, passionate way.  Without ALL of you, I would be homeless and bored.





  1. isaiah wrote:

    stellar pics man – seems I’ll have to have you down to shoot with me. Excited to see what this year holds for you!

  2. Christine wrote:

    So good, Jeff.

  3. Jesse Green wrote:

    My scrolling fingers are broken. That said, 2011 was your year my man. Incredible work.

  4. Matt Ferrell wrote:

    Killer work last year! #stallion #stud #money

  5. Mindy Braun wrote:

    one of the best ‘best of 2011’ post I’ve seen yet!

  6. Julia Manchik wrote:

    Awesome! I like that you included little moments in text at the beginning. Wish you much success in your 4th year.

  7. Ryan wrote:

    So amazing bro!

  8. Erik Clausen wrote:

    Beautiful work my friend! See you at WPPI!

  9. Amazing as always 🙂 No doubt that you will continue to rock it in 2012.

  10. Jeff. This post is unreal. Freaking good frames in here. I can tell how much work you put in this past year. Way to push the game.

  11. Daniel Cruz wrote:

    So freaking good man! Every shot is just beautiful.

  12. Jonas Seaman wrote:

    Dang! Epic! And I feel so blessed to have gotten to work along side you in 2011!! So killer.

  13. Really beautiful work.

  14. Adam Cavanagh wrote:

    What an amazing year you had! Awesome work!! All the best with 2012 🙂

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