Evan + Kate. A perfect San Juan wedding.

Evan + Kate’s wedding was straight up perfection.  The weather.  The venue.  The people.  The food.  The light-sabers.

This was the type of wedding where I simply didn’t want the day to end.  There was so much fun being had that it just couldn’t end.  But it did, so here are some images.

*A huge thanks to Jeff Ambrose for flying up from AZ and capturing some of these amazing memories with me.  He also road-tripped to San Fran with me after the wedding.  He is boss.


The Next 10 frames are FILM.  Rolleicord V. Kodak Portra 800.  Medium Format.


A Few Good Men


Epic Light Saber Battle


Mother of Bride vs. Friend of Groom



Dress:   Monique L’Huillier
Shoes:   Fidji
Flowers:   DIY
Band/ DJ:   T-Flo
Caterer:   Becki Day at Vinny’s Restaurant
Jewelry/ Rings:   Comstock Jewelry
Makeup/Hair:   Salon d’Bune
Bridesmaid dresses:   Alfred Sung
Suits:   indochino
Rehearsal dinner caterer:   Cynthia’s Of Course
Cake:   Cakes By Felicitations


  1. dorothy huynh wrote:

    i seriously can’t get over the 4th frame down

  2. fer juaristi wrote:

    awesome preview bro, can´t wait to see them all.

  3. Jonas Seaman wrote:

    Holy Cow!! A light saber battle!! This post rocks!!

  4. fer juaristi wrote:

    dude, this post is epic, lovely wedding!

  5. This wedding was beautifully captured. In these photos you feel the love and can hear the laughter as you move from one to the next. Thanks for sharing. Your passion shows through your work. Nicely done!!

  6. rebekah j. wrote:

    that mustache is magnificent.

    (everything else was pretty amazing too.)

  7. andrew sankey wrote:

    oooooh…lightsabers ftw

  8. Selena wrote:

    A-freakin’-mazing! No surprise there though — incredible work Jeffahfah

  9. Love this! Great work, the mom w/ the light saber is hilarious!

  10. Melissa wrote:

    Gorgeous! What was the wedding venue? A private estate?