FAREWELL Ken Griffey Jr. — Seattle Mariners — June 2nd, 2010

Like most young men, Griffey was definitely my childhood hero.  The swagger and confidence he carried with him every time he stuck his cleats in a home-plate reassured me that he WAS one of the best.

I still have the jerseys, pennants, baseballs, figurines, signed ROOKIE Card…  I kept it all because I knew someday I would tell my boy of the baseball player that once was.

I will never forget 2 experiences I had with Griffey.  The first was back in 1995.  Just like everyone else, I will always remember every game I went to that season, I game I watched from my couch, and the feeling of being in the Kingdome during the first ever Mariners playoffs series.

I also will never forget October 1st, 2009, when I got the chance so sit in the first base line photo pit and take photos of my childhood hero.  I know that his career probably didn’t end up going the way he had planned, but none of that mattered when he walked up to me, tipped his cap, and walked out to the batters box.  Yup, he knocked one straight gonzo into right-center.

Baseball is such a historically affirmed game, and it is so fun to carry memories with us as we live out our lives.  These memories are un-earasable to me.  I cannot wait to share my memories of the Grif with my boy and show him the photos I had the opportunity to take of him.

We will never forget you, Ken Griffey Jr.

To me, you will always be “The Kid.”





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  1. Wow. Once in a lifetime opportunity. Fantastic job.