Grant + Bethany – Portland Farm Wedding

I love Grant and Bethany dearly.  That’s all.


* Special thanks to Kari for helping out!


  1. Tonhya Kae wrote:

    Love love love this wedding. You nailed it friend. Those wedding party shots in direct sunlight, money. And these last two shots are pretty sweet too. Woo-hoo for you. : )

  2. nima wrote:

    nicely done good friend.

  3. Pool boy dun got hitched!

  4. benj haisch wrote:

    dude. I mean, DUDE. this is good. gotta be your best work yet.

  5. jenny wohrle wrote:

    beautiful work, Jeff!

  6. Jonas Seaman wrote:

    Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful work, my friend!

  7. Selena wrote:

    INCREDIBLE work Jeffahfah — awesome!

  8. Ryan Price wrote:

    This is a really great set of images man… nicely done.

  9. SO GOOD!! I love all the twinkle lights too!

  10. J Shoda wrote:

    Wow man, you just keep getting better and better. Nice work Jeff.

  11. Carolyn Scott wrote:

    Gorgeous.. the first dance pictures are spot-on with the exposure. Beautiful work!

  12. Karen wrote:

    What is this venue? And these pictures are gorgeous

  13. Name * wrote:

    Kari is AMAZING! I did the flowers for this event and Kari (brides Mom) is AWESOME! Good job on the pictures, you have a great talent.

  14. Katie wrote:

    This wedding is beautiful! Can anyone tell me where it was held- the venue?