Luke + Amber – Engagement Film

This film was played as the intro to their beautiful wedding.  Full wedding film coming soon.

A few stills…


  1. The film was amazing. You do awesome work! You will be hearing from me again.

  2. Julia Manchik wrote:

    What a sweet beginning! Love her laugh. Also, love all the scenes of them playing by the water.

  3. Jonas Seaman wrote:

    Wow man. Your doing such beautiful work!

  4. Scott wrote:

    Beautiful film Jeff! Love it!

  5. Derryn wrote:

    Wow – the video and stills are just magical. What camera were you using if you don’t mind me asking.

  6. sami d wrote:

    incredible. so glad i stumbled upon your blog tonight.

  7. Matt Ferrell wrote:

    Loves this video man! Great work. The feel of the video is very cool