Mike + Tera – A Mountain-top DIY Wedding.

Got to check a long-awaited goal off the wedding list; shoot a mountain-top wedding. Beings that I love the outdoors and spending my spare time in the mountains, I could NOT turn the opportunity down to shoot this wedding with Jonas Seaman up at Mt. Baker.

Their magician friend from Vegas surprised them in registering as an officiant for their wedding, and threw in a ridiculously stunning magic trick mid-ceremony.

Oh and the Australian Shepard flower girls; melt my heart.  Of course, it made my Aussie Rusty a bit jealous.



  1. jeff ambrose wrote:

    gorgeous jeff, you’re killing the freelensing.

  2. Jonas Seaman wrote:

    Dude, you killed it!!

  3. Jesse Green wrote:

    DUDE. Your shooting and processing keeps getting more and more insane every wedding. Keep killing it.

  4. Daniel Cruz wrote:

    Nice post Jeff! You killed it. Love your work man. Keep it up!

  5. man. i want to go to that wedding. looks so fun and well done. you killed it!!!

  6. Andrew Sankey wrote:

    Nice work, Jeff! Looks like it was an awesome day to be apart of…

  7. Julia Manchik wrote:

    Stunning! Since when did you get so good?

  8. katrina wrote:

    amazing jeff! looks so awesome

  9. Tera and Mike wrote:

    THANK YOU, Jeff! It’s still hard for us to believe how fortunate we were to have Jonas, Mary, and you all shooting. Thank you for making the trip north and for being such an awesome addition to our day. To say we were glad to have you there would be a total understatement. Love, Tera and Mike

  10. Really amazing Jeff!