Seahawks v Rams. NFC West Title Game.



  1. White Lightning wrote:

    “And another thing God – this ‘Sea Chickens’ thing really gets under my skin! Please make people stop saying that…”

  2. These are awesome. I am not THAT into football, but I think it would be so rad to be there, shooting!

  3. Greg NIssen wrote:

    dang jeff, these are so sick! Great shots.

  4. Cynthia Hickok wrote:

    The circle of prayer…ahh!

  5. thomask wrote:

    Great stuff jeff – wow! you captured a lot of movement and from a perspective that makes me see it differently – great work. blessings on your business.


  6. J Shoda wrote:

    These are great Jeff. I really think you could make it as a sports shooter, keep it up man.