Seattle Met Rainier Feature

I never really thought that I would have a magazine feature.  I don’t submit my work to publications, mainly because I don’t have time.  But if I ever did get featured, I thought it would be wedding work, since that is what I get paid to shoot.

BUT, outdoor photo-journalism was and always will be my first love in photography.  So the fact that some of my Rainier photos were were my first feature, I guess it makes sense.

I am really stoked because I am attempting my first Rainier summit in mid-August, for a GREAT cause.  So I guess everything is coming together the way it is supposed to.  Either way, I am more than humbled to have some work featured in a major Seattle publication.

Check out our cause and help out a couple of families in need.  RAINIER20TWELVE


One Comment

  1. Julia Manchik wrote:

    So awesome, Jeff! Congrats! You need to get more of your outdoor photography featured.