T + J + L. Merry Christmas.

Travis, Jaquilyn and Lucia are some of our favorite people.

They allowed me to shoot a couple rolls of film on them for Christmas and to capture Lucia in her first days home.  Canon AE-1.  Tri-X.  Fuji Pro 200.

*Last three frames are digital.



  1. Nice pics! Happy holidays!

  2. Tonhya Kae wrote:

    amazing. these are adorable.

  3. jenny wohrle wrote:

    super sweet. Lucia is perfection.

  4. J Shoda wrote:

    Beauts. Glad you got to capture them Jeff.

  5. Rog wrote:

    thems are goods films and peoples. Thankings yous fors the sharings. This is noot sapm.

  6. Jonas Seaman wrote:

    I LOVE that last frame!

  7. Daniel Cruz wrote:

    Beautiful images Jeff, and amazing hollow body!