The Enchantments. Film.

The government shutdown happened.  And so did this trip.

9 of us creative entrepreneurs stuffed our packs, unplugged our businesses and headed out into the Wenatchee National Forest to see what adventures we could find.

We spent 1 night at Snow Lakes and a few of us ventured further up the Enchantments and slept on a rock just above Sprite Lake.  The moon was very full, the meteor shower was alive, and we were bundled up.  It was a perfect trip.

We made new friends, ate freeze dried food, and took photographs.

Here is some film I exposed.

Enchantments Film-1Enchantments Film-3Enchantments Film-4Enchantments Film-5Enchantments Film-6Enchantments Film-7Enchantments Film-8Enchantments Film-9Enchantments Film-10Enchantments Film-11Enchantments Film-13Enchantments Film-14Enchantments Film-16Enchantments Film-17Enchantments Film-18Enchantments Film-19Enchantments Film-21Enchantments Film-22Enchantments Film-23Enchantments Film-24Enchantments Film-25Enchantments Film-26Enchantments Film-27Enchantments Film-28Enchantments Film-29Enchantments Film-30Enchantments Film-31Enchantments Film-33Enchantments Film-34Enchantments Film-35Enchantments Film-36Enchantments Film-37Enchantments Film-38Enchantments Film-39Enchantments Film-40Enchantments Film-41Enchantments Film-42Enchantments Film-43Enchantments Film-44Enchantments Film-46Enchantments Film-48Enchantments Film-49Enchantments Film-50Enchantments Film-51Enchantments Film-53Enchantments Film-54Enchantments Film-55 Enchantments Film-60Enchantments Film-56Enchantments Film-57Enchantments Film-58Enchantments Film-61Enchantments Film-62Enchantments Film-63Enchantments Film-64Enchantments Film-65Enchantments Film-66 Enchantments Film-68Enchantments Film-67Enchantments Film-69Enchantments Film-70Enchantments Film-71Enchantments Film-72Enchantments Film-75Enchantments Film-76Enchantments Film-77Enchantments Film-78Enchantments Film-79Enchantments Film-81Enchantments Film-82Enchantments Film-83Enchantments Film-84Enchantments Film-86Enchantments Film-87Enchantments Film-88Enchantments Film-89Enchantments Film-90Enchantments Film-91Enchantments Film-92Enchantments Film-93Enchantments Film-95Enchantments Film-96Enchantments Film-99Enchantments Film-100Enchantments Film-101Enchantments Film-102Enchantments Film-104Enchantments Film-105Enchantments Film-106Enchantments Film-107Enchantments Film-108Enchantments Film-109Enchantments Film-110Enchantments Film-111Enchantments Film-113


  1. Chelsea wrote:

    WOW – beautiful! Loving all the fall colors. Nothing beats the PNW

  2. Amelia Klaus wrote:

    These are beautiful! 🙂

  3. Mark wrote:

    Prusik Peak is beautiful. Nice set… especially with film.

  4. […] the same week as us, and I think we just missed each other by like a day.  Here are his lovely photos from their trip.  I definitely think the Enchantments is something everyone needs to experience […]